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One of the top concerns we find when talking with new clients is the question, how are going to guarantee success? Like anything in life, we believe in taking pragmatic & tested steps that reside within a best practices framework in order to make sure there is a before and after when TUX is involved in your project or business idea.

If you are going to be a disruptor, you will find resistance to change.

Per Gartner Innovation Survey 2019: Organizational resistance to risk is the top barrier to marketing innovation and the only way to overcome it, is that your marketing innovation team, such as TUX, needs to invest as much into gaining acceptance from prime stakeholders as they do to generating consumer insights and ideating on them, which is a big differentiator we posses in terms of ideas implementation. Eliminating “tunnel view” is not easy.

The read out explains that a key priming activity is to pressure test high-potential ideas with stakeholders. Pressure testing takes place after innovation teams have used market insights to brainstorm ideas, and narrowed those ideas to a few high-potential recommendations. The marketing innovation team positions the recommendation in the context of the business problem or opportunity it can address and asks stakeholders to weigh in.

Some of the questions to ask can be Why is this idea needed? Does it have merit? Is it likely to solve the problem or capture the opportunity? Is it feasible?

By presenting the recommendation to stakeholders in this way, the team helps people get familiar with a new concept and gathers ideas to more fully align the idea with business needs and true partnership is created in the process. We don’t want to keep stakeholder teams on the dark while the creative development is in ongoing. We want their input per each milestone completed because we can also have early insight into the likely attitudes of various stakeholders.

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