Time to take your key business elements to the next level, introducing:

TUX Consulting

Whether you are an established company or just looking for funding for your next business venture; we are here to help and set you in the path to success in front of your market and stakeholders.


of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations


of companies are doing user experience testing


of new businesses do not use established best practices


of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one
Our sweet spot

There are a lot of creative and consulting firms, but none that can do both & relate customized style and user experience to reach the next level of market penetration.
Our backgrounds in marketing, business design, graphic design, advertisement & advisory merge to create a seamless and unique element that will stay in your business after our engagement.

Same Framework, different starting points

Most consulting firms, from boutique to large, are all based on the same set of frameworks and best practices.
The approach on what to implement, how to make it work and why would it last after the consultant’s job is done is what makes the difference. Well and also, the price.

Tested Methodologies

With over 10 years of experience, we understand what actually works in order to launch a new product, business unit or even a start-up with no big consulting investment up front or a generic approach.

True partnership and smarter approach

Let us be your real partner and understand every aspect of the business, provide an objective view to support your milestone, compare it to the market and no matter where you are, work on it until you reach the finish line.

The digital and business foundation of your company has to be contextually aware of the trends in specific industry and market. Our guidance provides data that can empower for better decisions that will last and principles that can be applied to different business models such as:


Product and idea development
Digital Platforms
Today and tomorrow’s market view
Growth planning
Next generation tools for digital enablement.
There are multitude  layers, business dimensions and stages a consultant can reach at, the following are some of our guiding principles throughout the journey:

Stage 1


1. Discover & Provide information.
2. Compare this information with your business core, strategy and tactics.

Stage 2


3. Solve a problem from an objective and data-based standpoint.
4. Making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem.

Stage 3


5. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis and/or predictive view of the market.
6. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.

Stage 4


7. Building a consensus and commitment around corrective actions.
8. Empowering your learning in order to resolve similar problems in the future.
9. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness and digital principles.

Change is at the core of a globalized and digital enabled world.

There are sizable components that can be applied to different situations and “plug and play” when required.

Let us partner with you and provide thought leadership on the strategy from a business model perspective to a high level roadmap to enable your objectives turn into a reality.


Build, organize, optimize, digitalize and prepare your business model for your next venture.

Foundation’s Build

Let’s build the foundation of your next business idea and how to make it a reality; inclusive of roles required, cost models, utilization rates, competitive compensation rates, best practice platforms and next step recommendations per your size and principles.
In order to map your architecture a strong, resilient and integral base has to be built to be able to withstand the challenges of the competition and globalized markets.

Your Custom Blueprint

There is no possible way to play in a dynamic and competitive market if you don’t map your internal environment first: the details of your business model, how it sizes up or down, where the integrations are and how does the RACI methodology maps to your business so you can focus on your goals.
Every time a business challenge is presented, our reference mapping will help you identify where the root cause is coming from, minimize risk and enable a faster resolution to a problem. We can help you on take on the task and visually represent (via “TUX -Flows” program below) these touch-points for future reference.

Platform Accelerators

It is not even a choice on this day and age to have a digital platform to accelerate your digital journey and optimize your business core operations such as customer service, HR, ITSM (ServiceNow), customer relationship management (SalesForce) or web platforms (WordPress or SquareSpace).
We can advise you on what best practices and approach relate to your business objectives and what platforms work the best for them.

Lean Sigma and Agile Methodologies Injected

Tired of a moving target, un-used/over-used resources or missing your objectives?
Enable productivity and efficiency through Lean Sigma and Agile methodologies consulting applied specific to your business journey.


over 1 hour

  • Project consulting that includes overview on industry expert reports, digital platforms (ServiceNow, WordPress, etc), custom approach, strategy and next steps recommendations.
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over 8 hours

Program consulting that includes digital platforms (ServiceNow, WordPress, etc), workshop, deep industry insight and next step recommendations through TUXView Insights & Analytics.
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over 16 hours

End to end business model architecture that includes cost model configurators, digital platforms (ServiceNow, WordPress, etc), SOW/due diligence templates, multiple workshops and deep industry insight through TUXView Insights & Analytics.
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Targeted and tailored insights into your market.

Market Identification & Discovery

Let’s understand who the top consumers and potential customers for your brand are.
Let’s map and understand what you’ve invested so far in terms of go to market strategy and how does it compare to similar competition.
We will find what makes you special and different on your specific market.

Market Intelligence

Discover and adapt to the external environment that influences your day to day business: from trends, to competitors and users’ desires through TUXView.
Have you surveyed your potential customers? What is your real opportunity and how would you grow it on the market?

Market Segmentation

Go a step further and understand what are the top “personnas” (sub-groups of users that have shared needs or profiles) that you need to cater to. Based on data pools, predict their behaviors and how your business relates to their needs.

Product Messaging & Positioning

Now that you know what makes you different, how do we make this idea and perspective last in your user’s minds per your brand’s principles?
Build your reputation, influence, user loyalty and grow your ranking in the market.
Don’t have a brand to support this idea? Try TUX Creative.


over 1 hour

TUXView Insights for small or niche markets and includes industry-aligned market intelligence, market segmentation identification and product messaging consultation.
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over 8 hours

TUXView Insights for medium markets and includes industry-aligned market intelligence co-relation, market segmentation identification & approach and product messaging creation.
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over 16 hours

TUXView Insights for medium & large markets and includes industry-aligned market intelligence co-relation, market segmentation identification & approach and product messaging creation along with full G2M strategy bluebook.
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TUX Ideation

Identify & Resolve from simple to complex business process problems

Design Thinking Based

As designers, it is natural in our day to day life to “run to the fire” and approach problem resolution creatively. A leading methodology used by all major technology companies is design thinking due to the rapid change of their users’ needs and environment.

This program is based on those same design thinking principles of empathizing, defining, ideation, prototyping and testing. We’ve discovered that where most of the businesses run into problems is on the ideation phase because of tunnel-vision, continuous change of requirements or need of perspective from a third party.

TUX IDeation provides value by bringing the principles of design thinking, core UX-centric methodologies, creative and cohesive brand together into a single output. If you haven’t gone through the initial 2 phases of design thinking, through this program we can help you navigate through those too by identifying with several tools what the current UX looks like and analyze data to define what your problem really is.

Creative & Cohesive Problem Solving

We are your perfect business partner by mixing our consulting expertise and our jointly-created, but still specific, branding/UX principles because we are able to provide unique sets of ideas (and their possible implementation) that cover the different sides of a problem with the user always in the middle.

Our perspective also provides an agnostic market input through TUXView, which is an essential key to open the doors for a “thinking outside the box” mindset and brainstorming sessions.

From Simple to Complex

No matter the size of the business problem you are trying to resolve, the IDeation program looks at previous analysis that has been done. If no analysis has been done, it root causes the real symptoms through problem analysis and maps graphically (through TUX Flows) where the problem is and how to creatively resolve it for the near and long term. It is instrumental for this phase to be willing to try different types of ideas, layers of complexity and iterations of this idea, inclusive of “judgement-free” conception spaces, challenge these ideas, find links to concepts and find new notions for them.

Hands-On Approach

We focus on fixing problems where we provide value and avoid trying to fix a problem where we don’t, which guarantees a full comitment to your cause and real expected ROI once we have qualified your business challenge. After we’ve guided you in this crucial step, we will provide you with next step recommendations for the Prototyping and Testing phases. In this phase we probably won’t provide a single idea but several ideas and see what’s most aligned to both your business goals and users, inclusive of the next steps needed so you can proceed with your design thinking phases without a doubt.


over 2 hours

  • Workshop to find root cause of simple problem, define a specific solution inclusive of digital business and branding landscapes.
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over 3 hours

Workshop to find root cause of complex problems, market insight through TUXView, define a set of solutions (with alternatives) inclusive of digital business and branding landscapes that might take a medium term to complete.
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over 4 hours

Series of workshops to find route cause of complex problems, market insight through TUXView, define a set of solutions (with alternatives) inclusive of digital business and branding landscapes that might take a medium to long term to complete.
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