Democratizing User Experience’s several faces

Providing you transparent, dynamic and flexible choice that is aligned on price per the complex nature of the task at hand
One Size Does NOT Fit All

We understand each business and idea requires a different set of solutions that are:

  • contextual to your market
  • where you are at your journey
  • based on stakeholders decisions
  • your budget

We have then created dynamic tiers that fit your needs specifically instead of trying to “force” a single solution for things you might never use or need help with at this point, or you might need down the road.

Dynamic: Mix and Match

You can cherry pick different tiers within each product (such as brand design via TUX ID or cost model creation via TUXchitecture) at each of our top offerings (TUX Consulting, Creative and Platforms) that when worked together it creates a cohesive and complete package.
We also offer “fast track” pre-built packages for Industries under TUX Platforms that mix and match different TUX offerings.

Another example, you might need a complex website through TUX Platforms Gold but just some basic photography through MediaTUX Silver, and an ad through VideoTUX Gold based on consulting done through TUX-G2M Gold to contextualize your market and approach it the best.

Transparent: Tracked Actual Time

Instead of blank charge you for “unknown” hours of effort or lots of inefficient meetings, the time utilized for your business is all tracked and transparently presented in TUX Client Dashboard so you are aware what is the TUX team working on in a detailed level such as milestones and tasks within the tier selected and staying on route to the deadlines required.
Meeting time is generally not charged unless specified, such as a workshop.


Understanding that you might want different TUX products but not the budget for the “more complete” tiers, we can start with Silver tiers to get a product going and then upgrade to Gold or Diamond some time later after, in order to not start from scratch and accelerate your ideas to life within the same framework and methodologies you already started with.


These are defined based on complexity and work effort but do not represent a lower or higher quality of work, just more or less deliverables on the same level of quality. The hours within the pricing tables are not around meetings or workshops only but also include the work effort that results in verifiable deliverables.

Custom Quotes

Even though we are based on a standard rates directory, we are able to modify the effort or milestones required per each client which might have certain steps already done. We do not believe in the red tape of doing steps just for the sake of it.

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